Friday, June 23, 2017

Telling the truth.

I have trouble. With pledging allegiance. To my country. Or to a political party. My love of country is conditional. I refuse to exercise blind loyalty. To a country. To any country. Because countries tend to go awry. Sooner or later. Usually the result of unbridled politics. If I have any loyalty. It’s to the world. To the entire cosmos. To creation. To life.  I used to get up. In the elementary school classroom.  And pledge allegiance. As a youth. When I didn’t know better. Don’t know exactly when I became enlightened. And stopped pledging. Also, I don’t sing the national anthem. Other than to recognize that the melody was a drinking song. With different lyrics. Appropriate for fun-loving drunks. In English pubs. Meanwhile, I’ll stand up. At a baseball game. While others sing the star spangled banner. My aim is to not call attention to myself. In a public setting. That’s all. Another thing. When called to testify. And swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I refuse to recite, ‘So help me god.’ I don’t need any help. Telling the truth. --Jim Broede

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The benefit of marking time.

Used to think. That marking time meant to be wasting time. To dilly-dally. To accomplish nothing meaningful. Fact is, I’ve learned to mark time. By waiting. For something thrilling to happen. And begin to wonder. What it might be. My imagination becomes stimulated. I’m marching in place. But at the same time. I’m thinking, thinking, thinking. One doesn’t need to have a blank mind. When marking time. I’m often at my best. Because I’m relaxed. Free of stress. I merely let things happen. Unexpectedly. Naturally. Often, I’m blessed. With a brilliant thought. That probably emerged. As a result of marking time. --Jim Broede

To get it right.

Can’t quite decide. Whether. As a species. We humans are a higher or a lower form of life. I can make a case either way. Depends on the day. And on my focus. Take, for example, how we resolve our differences. With wars. With all sorts of violence. By electing presidents. Such as Donald Trump. Yes, examples of the worst of us. But then. As individuals. Some of us are self-sacrificing . True lovers. Full of good deeds. Dedicated to a common good. Every day.  I see good acts. And bad acts,  too. I wonder. If we are striving. Diligently enough. To get it right. --Jim Broede

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Making the best of life.

I can get on with my life. No matter the state of American politics. So I occasionally tell myself. Ignore Donald Trump. Don’t get upset. He’ll come. And some day he’ll go. I’ll survive. The country, too. Will go on and on. It’s not worth getting hot and bothered. Over what might happen. In the ever-changing realm of weird American politics. But for me, unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. I know history. It was one of my majors in college. And sometimes tragic and avoidable things happen. Because not enough citizens truly cared. Never took the time to intervene. To change the course of history.  Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. Maybe the likes of a Hitler was destined to come to power. Like it or not. A single citizen would not have made a difference.  So one may be wise. To get on with one’s individual life. Making the best of it. Despite the lousy political climate. --Jim Broede

True camaraderie.

Isn't it nice? That when it comes to religious and spiritual matters. We all have the option to go our own way. And to live happily ever after. Because we think we made the right choice. Doesn't matter if we are fooling ourselves. When the goal is to be happy. I've been reasonably happy. All my life. Right or wrong. I'm happy. Because I am free to choose my course. To follow my instincts. To do the right thing. For me. And for the common good, too. Of course, I could be wrong. But I have a chance of being right, too. We all do. I proceed. On the basis of my stylized inner faith. Rather than the dictates of organized religions. Maybe that makes me disorganized. But still, I feel good about it. Hopefully, we all feel good about our personal decisions. Even for those of us who stand alone. So very many ways to be in love. With life. So many paths to follow. Perhaps to a common destination. Where we all meet. And have a convivial time. With each other. True camaraderie. --Jim Broede

Monday, June 19, 2017

Little wonder.

I’m suspicious of advertisers and politicians and the media. Of everyone. Trying to sell me a bill of goods. Primarily by using sound bites. Tailored to manipulate my mind. Of course, I put up resistance. But still, I’m swayed in subtle and unconscious ways. To buy this or that product. To vote for certain political candidates. And I too often fail to separate fact from fiction. Because I’m deluged with too much information (aka propaganda).  Yes. I’m frightened. Scared out of my wits. Because the grand manipulators have taken over the world. Often, without most of us having the slightest clue. Little wonder. That oddball Donald Trump is our president. We are being manipulated. To buy anything. Even the worst kinds of lies. -Jim Broede

No limits on my fantasies.

I wonder. If the creator has undergone a significant personality change in the past million years. That’s an awfully long time to remain static.  Without an attitudinal upgrade. If I lived for a million years. I’d have learned a lot. From my many, many mistakes.  I’d be a better and more understanding guy. Maybe even a god. I suppose it took time to qualify as a really competent god. Yes. Yes. Give me a million years. And I would learn to be, if not god, his trusted and competent assistant. I’m  sure of it.  God can rest assured. I have no plan for a heavenly palace coup.  But I am amused. Merely thinking about it. I place no limits on my fantasies. --Jim Broede