Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Endless self-deception.

I’m in search of truth. And I wonder. If I’m deceiving myself. By losing my objectivity.  By creating truth. On the basis of what I want truth to be. Yes. Yes. I want truth that makes me happy. That gives me the opportunity to search for elusive truth. Forever.  That is my mission. The constant search.  Finding truth may be an impossible task. Truth is susceptible to change. Especially for me. Truth can change. From moment to moment. Or from circumstance to circumstance. And everyone has his/her right to their own truth. The right to lie to one’s self. And to others. Perhaps we live in a world of liars. Pretending to be looking for truth. Certainly, that’s the nature of politics. Maybe even the nature of life. Self-deception. Self-deception. Endless self-deception. --Jim Broede

Monday, October 16, 2017

On facing the brutal truth.

I wonder. How many people talk to themselves. Shut out everything. Turn off the radio. Set aside the book. And then carry on a conversation. With their inner being. I do. Every day. That’s how I spend most of my idle time. Alone. Often, I sit down. And record my thoughts. In writing. In the process, I want silence. Solitude. No interruption.  Yes, I call it thinking time. Opportunity to get my act together.  To better understand what I am all about. Oh, I could socialize. Engage my friends and associates in conversation. And I do. But I find the confabs with the inner me to be more interesting, more penetrating, more revealing. I try to be truthful. To hide nothing. Even my most embarrassing moments. Of course, I also aim for the truth. In my conversations with others. But that’s harder to do. Because the truth sometimes hurts. Don’t know if I have the right to hurt others. It’s easier turning the truth on to me. Better to offend myself rather than others. Many, many people, I surmise, are unprepared for the brutal truth – about themselves. --Jim Broede

Sunday, October 15, 2017

In a happy frame of mind.

Learning to deal with disappointments. Maybe that’s the key to a happy life. No doubt about it, I’ve had disappointments. Doesn’t everyone? I keep telling myself. Take each disappointment in stride. By keeping track of the times when I wasn’t disappointed. When stuff worked out. To great satisfaction. Like last year, when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. There’s a chance I’m going to be disappointed this time around. But hey, I’ll remind myself.  The Cubs still have a good team. It’s unrealistic to expect the Cubs to go all the way every year. Yes, I refuse to be disappointed. If the Cubs fall short. Instead, I’ll look forward to waiting for next year. In a happy frame of mind. --Jim Broede

I'm delightfully nuts.

I don’t mind doing stuff alone. Going for a walk. To a movie. Out for dinner. Traveling. Name it. Almost any activity. I don’t require company. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sociable. I do things with other people, too. But I also relish doing things all by myself. Unencumbered. Flexible. Doing as I please. Not having to accommodate another. Being lonely. That’s never been a problem. I adjust. I’m in touch with my inner being. I get up in the middle of the silent night. And write letters. To myself. Pondering anything that comes to mind. When I’m walking. I often mutter. Out loud. To myself.  Doesn’t bother me. If passersby think I’m  crazy.  Let the truth be told. I’m delightfully nuts. Especially when I’m alone. And proud of it. --Jim Broede

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The decent thing.

It really shouldn’t matter whether the Cubs win or lose. But it really does matter. Because if the Cubs lose a critical/crucial game, especially in the playoffs, I go into a funk. Oh, I’ll get over it after a while. I’m not suicidal. Only momentarily depressed. I keep telling myself, it’s only a ball game. Not a matter of life or death. And I remind myself that the Cubs won the World Series last year. For which I am grateful. To pine for two World Series in a row – well, that might be asking for too much from the baseball gods. It takes audacity.  When granted one’s wish  last year. To wish for more and more. Endlessly. The time has come. For me  to tell the kind gods, thank you. I don’t need more blessings. I have more than  enough. Better to spread the bounteous wealth.  To the deserving fans of the Cubs’ rivals. It's the decent thing to do.  --Jim Broede

A merry hypnotic adventure.

I’m learning how to hypnotize myself. Or so it seems. Don’t know if it’s true hypnosis. Or even if there is such a thing. But that’s all right. Whatever I’m doing. Makes me feel good. Relaxed. And mentally sharp.  More like what I want to be. If I leave my body. And become spirit. Maybe it’s a form of biofeedback. A way to trick myself. Out of a state of anxiety. And into bliss. No. No. I’m not on drugs.  It’s mind over matter. I’m on the Internet. Doing research. On hypnosis. The alleged experts. Tell me it’s not like what you see in the movies. Instead, they describe hypnosis as a natural state of selective, focused attention. And one of the most fascinating phenomena of the human mind. For me, it could well be the entry way to the spiritual realm. Yes. Yes. I’m on a merry hypnotic adventure. --Jim Broede

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

In a world gone bonkers.

I know. I know. It’s wrong for me to call Trump and others downright crazy. When really, I’m the one who’s the craziest.  Yes, I concede. A case could be made that I’m crazier than Donald Trump. Both of us have a right to be given free rein. To act out our crazy lives. Unless we cause harm. Hurting ourselves and others. But who’s to be the arbiter? The decider? In a world where everyone has gone bonkers.  --Jim Broede