Saturday, August 19, 2017

A slow-moving gazelle, am I.

I am a gazelle. In slow motion. Moving gracefully. At a snail’s pace. Caught up. In my own version of tai chi  Mostly internally. In my imagination. In the spirit world. But physically, too. With my Italian amore as the only corroborating witness. In our living room.  She laughs. Yes, she’s amused. So am I. At my new-found way to relax.  Gliding gently through daily life.  I watched. Through a narrow window in a door. Into glass-walled Studio 2. At the local YMCA. Yes, it was a class in tai chi.  With my amore as one of three active participants. I was learning, too. From the outside. Looking in. As an observer. Yes, my favorite method of learning. Away from the masses.  Capturing my own tai chi essence. Not the instructor’s. Or anyone else’s. It was necessary. For me to become an unusual slow-moving gazelle. On my own.  Some day. I will practice. In front of an audience. Perhaps at a comedy club. As part of my stand-up comic routine. It will be the next step. Performing in public.  To welcome laughter. Coming to my ears in ripples of slow motion. --Jim Broede

Friday, August 18, 2017

As long as I am happy.

Seems that everyone lives in a different world. That is, different than mine. Therefore, I  am constantly moving about. Attempting to enter the worlds of others.  For the purpose of exploration. Of these many, many other worlds. Out of simple curiosity. But also, so that I can understand what’s going on.  Outside of me.  In these sometimes alien worlds.  Maybe it’s that I’m creating these other worlds. By consciously separating them. From my own. Imaginatively. When really everything is in my own world. It’s like going from one country to another. At the moment,  I’m living with and  in the world of my Italian amore. Just where I want to be.  Or it could be that she’s come to my world. Maybe she’s the one that’s moving about.  Yes, perhaps she and others are meandering into my world. And I should treat them as honored guests. Maybe it really doesn’t matter. Whether I am coming or going. As long as I’m immersed. In a world. Of one kind or another. In love. With wherever I am. It really doesn’t matter. As long as I am happy. --Jim Broede

Sunday, August 13, 2017

As I intimately know it.

The world. What a strange place. North Korea. ISIS. Donald Trump’s America. Syria. Venezuela. Makes one wonder. If we live in a crazy world. Pardon me. If I sound like a pessimist. Living in an insane asylum. Run by the inmates.  When really. Truth be told. I’m living in Paradise. Where I find happiness.  In being in love. With life. As I intimately know it. --Jim Broede

In my quest.

I analyze situations. And life, in general. By trying to catch the vibes. Mostly of the moment. My gut instinct. Or by connecting with the surrounding spirits. Perhaps my guiding angel. I carry on a continuing conversation. With myself. And others. Real and imagined. Often, that makes me feel delightful. With it. Informed. I am probing. From inside. And outside. Maybe even in other dimensions. Beyond human understanding. I insist. That there be no limits. In my quest for happiness and well-being. --Jim Broede

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Without limits.

We are all here. Because we are learning. To believe what we dearly want to believe. In our own unique ways. We even dare dream in the impossible. Yes, dreams that keep us going. Keep us alive. And vibrant. And in love. With the durability of life. We are true believers. In the impossible. And that makes everything possible.  Yes, we are free to dream.  Without limits. That is our saving grace. --Jim Broede

Friday, August 11, 2017


I blame the people who voted for Donald Trump. For the political debacle wrought by Trump. Hard for me to feel kindly. Towards Trump. But my sour taste also applies to his supporters, including my sister and several friends. Makes me wonder how they could be so dumb. Of course, that’s not a nice thing to say.  Especially about people close to me. But I say it anyway. Because that’s the way I feel. Might as well not lie about it. I’d not intentionally break up the friendships over political matters. Though I take that risk. By telling them that they’ve made a big mistake. That Trump is a jerk and a good-for-nothing liar. That he could be the ruination of our nation.  Sorry about that, dear sister and friends. But I am compelled to speak out. Rather than remain quiet. –Jim Broede

Sunday, August 6, 2017

No matter.

So much of life is shared intimacies. With only one other. A true love. That is the one that knows me the best. But still doesn’t know all. Because I don’t even know all. About myself. I’m learning. At virtually every moment. New and profound stuff. I am in constant motion. Never static. Which means that it’s difficult gauging.  Where I am at. Or who I am. At any given moment. Martin Buber, an Austrian-born Israeli Jewish philosopher, has an interesting theory/concept. That people who tend to be more conservative than liberal in their ways. Find constant evolution. Of one’s being. To be uncomfortable. They want to know precisely where one is at. At any given moment.  I’m more liberal than conservative. Doesn’t bother me. If I don’t know where I am. Or who I am. Yes, I enjoy the imprecision of life. After all, life is a journey.  That may never end. I am always on the move. In perpetual motion.  Therefore, it really doesn’t matter who or what I am. All I need know. Is that I am. Fully capable of savoring life. No matter where or what the situation. --Jim Broede