Monday, January 6, 2014

I'll take full responsibility for it all.

Wishing I had forever. Happens most days. But I get over it. By focusing on the wonder of having today. That's usually good enough. Knowing that I may never have more than now. Unless, of course, I'm able to find a way to live outside of time. That's theoretically possible. Takes a state of being that puts me on the same plateau as the grand creator. If I were humble, that would be expecting too much. But then, why be humble? I'd like to live with the creator. In the same realm.  Spiritual. Or even in the flesh. So that we could converse. Touch. Man-to-man. As equals. I was taught that one must worship the creator. Bow down. Show respect. Reverence. I have no problem with that. As long as we are equals. Considered blasphemy by religious conservatives. But I suspect they have a totally wrong-headed concept of the creator. Thinking of him as all-powerful, all-knowing. The perfect one. Not the least bit mistake-prone. My guess, though,  is that the creator  feels his way. Makes mistakes. Tries to learn from his many blunders. And here I am. To help him see the errors of his way.  Such as creating an imperfect me.  I'll tell him, he's not to blame. I'll take full responsibility for it all. --Jim Broede

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